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Welcome to the official site of Scientific and Technological Research Centre. This is a very fresh start for the world’s most innovative and youth employed Research Organization. STRC starts from providing different scientific and technological faculty. STRC associates with its 3 major associates to perform in fields of science, computerized learning and environment issues. STRC’s Centre are located at Nepal, India and United States of America. The headquarters is at Nepal. STRC has majority rights of ScienceX, TechX and DevelopX including all the other STRC program.

Our Major Associates

Tech X

TechX is a place of Research excellence, where you can feel the future near you. learning the skills and knowledge about AI and Robotics that will help them achieve an experience and opportunity in the field. Making work simpler and more effective with least resources is our goal.

Develop X

DevelopX is a place of coding, developing and enhancing computer technology. The world of DevelopX begins with the coding. Every codes of software of STRC is made here. DevelopX focuses on Software, app and web development , Cinematography. DevelopX enhances Computerized learning.

Science X

ScienceX is a place of Excellence in research and technology. Everything has a science behind it which ScienceX is. ScienceX acts as a backbone of the STRC making the visions come true. ScienceX focuses on Physics, Nano Science and Astronomy. It also focuses on current environment issues.

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STRC(Scientific and Technological Research Centre) is a place where you can increase the scope of Science and AI Research.

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